Crazy Louiiiise

Insane in the Brain

Life is never as it should be. Most of the time I can cope with that - well more or less, let's say that as the Phoenix I always rise from the ashes - but sometimes I'm just tired, sooo tired...
Sometimes I think the most happy and cheerful people in the world are also the most desperate, because they know exactly the value of happiness and how to appreciate it. The more I suffer, the more I love life and the more I want to enjoy it in all its possibilities... I don't want to miss ANYTHING and for that I'm ready to burn my wings again and again. The day I die I want to be able to say "I've done it all and I have absolutely NO REGRETS."

La vie n'est jamais comme elle devrait être. La plupart du temps je peux surmonter ça - enfin plus ou moins, disons que telle le Phenix je renais toujours de mes cendres (mwahahaha n'importe quoi j'te jure) - mais des fois je suis juste fatiguée, tellement fatiguée...
Parfois je pense que les personnes les plus heureuses et gaies du monde sont aussi les plus desespérées, car elles connaissent exactement la valeur du bonheur et comment l'apprécier.
Plus j'en prends plein la gueule (traduction libre), plus j'aime la vie et plus j'ai envie d'en profiter un maximum... Je ne veux RIEN louper et pour ça je suis prête à me brûler les ailes encore et encore. Le jour de ma mort, je veux pouvoir dire "j'ai tout fait et je n'ai absolument AUCUN REGRET."

I'm so excited!!!
Sean Bean has been cast as Lord Eddard Stark in HBO's filmed version of George R.R. Martin's book  "A game of thrones"! There's no way I can hold my enthusiasm, I'm so thrilled! It'll be very hard to wait for the film to come out oh my god oh my god oh my god!

Well Well Well
What did I do today I ask you? I drew a Drag Queen Dwarf. Yes yesss my preciouss we dids it. Of course it's crap (what else? said with George's voice). But very fun to draw. Haven't I been wondrously productive today?
Of course this drawing and this post are dedicated to my dear insane friend Cyanure (she'll know why) and to Sir Ian McKellen* whom I'm madly in love with (do we say it like that? It's 1 am I'm losing my English).

* And now comes the day of The Queen

Ian if you read me: will you be my personal Queen?


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